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Villas for sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is the major capital city of Turkey and one of the major cities of the world. Having a property, especially a villa for sale in Istanbul is not also a profitable investment, but also a great place to have a second home.

Istanbul is a city full of real estate opportunities and although apartments are more popular in the real estate market, if you know where to search, you can find a luxury villa with high quality. High quality of villas for sale in Istanbul having private swimming pools, private gardens, and other luxury facilities are demanded highly.

Istanbul is a crowded city with 15 million people of the population, and getting more crowded each year. This results in an increase in accommodation demands. Depending on the budget, size of the villa, and location of the villa are the features of affecting the price. Istanbul villas for sale are one of the most advantageous investments and the Marmara sea in front of the city, higher up the value of the properties by providing a sea view.

Where to Buy Villa in Istanbul?

The most important feature is the budget when deciding the villa you will buy. A number of luxurious villas for sale in Istanbul, are located in the Bosphorus shorefront area, which is also known as Yali mansions. Most of these Yali mansions are made in the Ottoman area and they are now under preservation with a great deal of importance. They can be sold for millions of dollars and they are considered to be one of the most expensive real market properties. Also, Uskudar, Sariyer, Emirgan, Tarabya, and Ortakoy areas are included in the list of villa locations.

Buy Villa in Istanbul

Commonly, villas share services such as Olympic swimming pools, gyms, saunas, site security, landscaped gardens, cleaning, and security services. All resident owners contribute to shared facilities and services. These type villas are suitable for owners who want to rent their property and provide a steady income. On the other hand, if you wish a private villa, without any shared facilities, you should have a higher budget.  

Buying a villa in Istanbul can provide a steady income of 7% yearly. Either for a family to stay permanently, or for renting it. Also, if you wish to resell your property, you can sell for a higher price than the original price you bought. Istanbul is a home for a variety of people with different budgets. Any demand and requirement can be met, apartments, or villas, there is always a buyer or a renter can be found.

Istanbul is a developing industry city, which includes art and history combination. Also, a great number of universities, hospitals, international schools are present. The size of the villa, the location, and facilities affects the price of a property. Each year after, real estate in Istanbul gets more value and this affects the prices of the properties. Lately, the properties in Istanbul attract many foreign investors and Istanbul is a recommended city for making an investment if you wish to buy a property overseas.

There are many reasons why Istanbul should be a city of investment. Many mega projects are in process in Istanbul. The third airport, Canal Istanbul, and the third bridge are included in these megaprojects. Every year, about 12 million of tourists come to visit and explore Turkey's culture. Since there is a positive effect on the economy by tourists, Istanbul real estate market also grows and develops more.

Luxury Villas for sale in Istanbul

Villas for sale in Istanbul is one of the most profitable investments if you have enough budget. Yali mansions are the most popular luxury villas in front of the Bosphorus shorefront area. They have an amazing view of the sea and the Bosphorus Bridge, making them always demanded highly. A luxury villa with the best facilitates costs about 750.000 euros and 1 million euros, and depending on the location, view, private facilities, the size of the villa, if there is a need for renovation or not. In the Princess Island, beachside villas are among the highly luxurious and expensive villas.

Villas for sale in Istanbul

Property for sale in Istanbul can be quite profitable as Istanbul real estate market is gaining great importance. Beyoglu, Sisli, Macka, Levent, Mecidiyekoy, and Bebek, which all have Bosphorus Bridge view. Hence, they are highly demanded areas since many luxury villas are present in those areas.

Cheap Villas for sale in Istanbul

There are also more affordable villas for sale in Istanbul as there is a wide variety of property options in Istanbul. Cheaper villas are, on the other hand, are not as luxurious as expensive villas. Meaning that there are shared swimming pools, shared gardens, gyms, spa, concierge services, and other facilities. Bahcesehir, Beylikduzu, Buyukcekmece, Kucukcekmece, and Esenyurt areas have more affordable property options. While a luxury villa can cost about 700.000 euros, more affordable villas can cost about 300.000 euros. Still, you can always rent it when not used, and provide an income.

Property for sale in Istanbul

Having a property for sale in Istanbul has many advantages. Istanbul is a capital city with many facilities, it has many universities, international schools, hospitals, both government and private industry buildings, and so on. A wide range of people stays in Istanbul, with various budgets. The prices of the properties vary depending on the location, size of the house, whether if there is a need for repair, view the building sees like the sea view, reliability of the neighborhood, and so on. Make sure to choose a reliable, recommended, real estate firm so that you would not experience problems during the purchasing processes. Try to see different areas of the city and find the most suitable choice for you. If you wish to get help in buying a property in Istanbul, you can contact our office EMR Properties. Buying a property in Istanbul is not only a profitable investment for yourself but also it is an investment for the future.