How to Get Turkey Citizenship with Real Estate?

Turkish citizenship is easy to be obtained by anybody who will purchase a real estate in Turkey, worth of 250.000 USD. The purchase of real estate can be a house, an office, or a land. Additionally, multiple purchases reaching the required amount is accepted by the authorities. The value of the real estate will need to be appraised by the officials authorized by the Banking Supervision Board. Moreover, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization imposes a restriction for the resale of properties for 3 years. An annotation with this commitment on the Title Deed and/or Notary Sales Contract of the property is required for the process of application.

Turkish Citizenship

Applying to Turkey citizenship is an easy process and provides a variety of valuable options. The citizenship will be obtained within 4 months on average, while a residence permit will be given to applicants in a week. Keep in mind that given durations may vary by any application and there is a possibility of being rejected due to a variety of reasons. All the processes can be initiated by choosing a perfect real estate for your need, and the rest is organizing your paperwork. You can enjoy the benefits of Turkish citizenship, while your real estate investment(s) regularly increases its worth and provide rental revenues.

Citizenship by Investment Turkey

Turkey citizenship by investment provides many opportunities for applicants. For instance, the applicants will be able to hold dual citizenship as well as bringing their spouse and children under age 18 or children who need instant care by their parents. However, if a right to dual citizenship is desired, some applicants from countries like China or Saudi Arabia must contact the authorities of their own countries. This is because some countries restrict the right of holding dual citizenship. Moreover, Turkish citizenship is providing its holder a right for free travel to 110+ countries, in addition to a simpler visa application process for many others.

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

Turkish citizenship by the property has one of the cheapest and easiest processes among many other countries. In addition to an easy process for application, there will be many opportunities that are given to Turkish citizens. These opportunities include tuition-free university applications along with University Reimbursement Plans or a lifesaving public health care service in any Turkish state hospital. A holder of Turkish Citizenship also enjoys the advantages of the Ankara Treaty which gives a right to relocate in the United Kingdom and European Union countries after establishing a company there.  

Steps for Turkish Citizenship by Turkey Real Estate Investment

Turkish citizenship application can be initiated after receiving a Turkish Tax ID Numbers from the Turkish Tax Department. The applicant then needs to finalize the purchase with a bank transaction of money between the buyer and the seller. Thus, an application for the certificate of eligibility can be done in the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadaster, which will be followed by the appraisement of the property. If the value meets the required amount, the General Directorate will proceed with the application for citizenship within 3 to 7 days. When the applicant receives the approval by the General Directorate, the candidates can then apply to the Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration of the settlement for their residence permits. Receiving a residence permit can be short as one day.

When a residence permit is provided to an applicant, they will be one step far from Turkish citizenship. In this step, they will need to bring the required documents to the Provincial Directorate of Census and Citizenship. If the applicant meets all the conditions, Turkish citizenship will be issued for them. The application will be questioned in several criteria. One of these will be the examination of the application in terms of national security worries of the authorities.