Questions and Answers About Buying Real Estate in Turkey!

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a Property in Turkey

Residence Permit

Foreigners who want to stay in Turkey longer than the allowed visa-free regime must necessarily contact the migration service to obtain a residence permit.

The Migration Service provides a "residence permit for foreigners" to legally reside in Turkey.

A residence permit is a document that allows you to live legally in Turkey for between 1 and 2 years without leaving the country. Ikamet can be issued for a year or two - it's up to you. Then it can be extended as many times as you want. It is impossible to work on such a residence permit in the country, it is illegal and threatens deportation (but you can get a work permit separately). A document is a map - it is called ikamet.

Aliens who have a valid residence permit can enter and leave the country with an existing document without any restrictions during the period of validity of the permit.

If you have your property in Turkey, this will make it easier for you to obtain a residence permit, but it does not give you the right to obtain it automatically.

In other words, if you have an apartment in Alanya (or some other part of Turkey), it will be easier for you to get a residence permit than just rent a property. Property owners in Turkey will receive a long-term residence permit (at least 1 year).

(residence is not required to become the owner of the property).

What are the maintenance costs and taxes?

Annual tax 0.3% of the estimated value or 1% if you do not have a sought (use permit) for your apartment.

Maintenance costs depend on the facility, what additional facilities and services it has, how many apartments in the complex, etc. and usually amount to about 15-60 euros per month. Payment of these costs covers your use of all common areas and facilities, editing and cleaning of the facility and surroundings, security, and video surveillance.

Extra costs that are not included in the price of the apartment:

Expertise - estimating the value of the apartment price depends on urgency.

Tapu - title deed is paid 4% of the appraised value

İskan - price on request

Connections to the electricity network and water supply are from 50 to 120 euros

Who can buy real estate in Turkey?

Citizens of 129 countries have been allowed to buy since May 2012 without any restrictions. These include, among others, all European countries, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand...

Citizens of some countries (Iraq, Iran, and Palestine, among others) have restrictions on the purchase of land for growing fruits and vegetables and must obtain a special permit.

Some countries have restrictions and special conditions for the purchase of real estate (Jordan, Israel, Fiji, Morocco, Egypt, Afghanistan...), but if they meet the conditions, the purchase is possible.

Citizens of Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Cuba, and Nigeria are not allowed to shop.

When you buy, you are not only the owner of the apartment but also the land on which the facility was built.

What guarantees does the buyer have if the construction company does not complete the construction?

Notwithstanding the deadline for delivery of the property, if the transfer is delayed for reasonable reasons confirmed by the company (seller), the Seller will receive an additional period of 1 (one) month, without penalty.

If the Seller, in the absence of the above reasons or force majeure, does not insure the apartment on time, then he undertakes to pay the buyer rent for the period of delay or provide the apartment for living for this period.

In cases where the delay is caused by force majeure, the above obligations are invalid. The seller has the right not to pay the fee.

Circumstances of force majeure include natural disasters, general epidemics, announcements of partial or general mobilization, and legal restrictions on construction. The period from the date of occurrence of force majeure circumstances to the date of their completion shall be added to the date of transfer. The Seller must inform the Buyer of the indicated circumstances of force majeure.

If the seller decides not to sell the said apartment to the Buyer, or not to complete the building without a valid reason, then he is obliged to return to the Buyer the amount received from the Buyer in full on the basis of payment receipts. In addition, the Seller is obliged to pay an additional 10% of the amount paid to him, as a penalty, which is always prescribed by the sales contract.

How to buy an apartment with repayment in installments?

Some construction companies offer interest-free installments with different conditions, which directly depend on the price of the property, the amount of the initial payment, and the construction phase of the complex. The initial payment is at least 30% of the cost of the apartment, and the repayment installment from six months to 3 years. Buying an apartment at a very early stage of construction gives you the opportunity to get the most favorable repayment terms.

I want to buy an apartment and rent it out in my absence, is that possible?

When asked about renting an apartment you plan to buy, we always advise you to look at the situation through the eyes of a potential guest: do you want to spend your well-deserved, long-awaited vacation in such an apartment?

For example, you bought an apartment in a complex being built in Kargicak. As a guest, you will notice a small area of ​​the apartment and a considerable distance from the sea - in summer 1.5 km on foot to the sea in the sun turns into 5 km, and this is not a good option for older people or families with small children. Another option is a cheap second-hand apartment in an older building. It seems that it is not far from the sea, 200-400 meters, but there is no infrastructure, the outdoor pool is not maintained, noisy neighbors, the condition of the apartment, appliances, and furniture in it is also far from new. Of course, there are undemanding tenants, but it is difficult to count on a large rental income.

However, if you buy an apartment near the beach, in a complex with good and well-maintained infrastructure, new furniture. Of course, such an apartment is much more expensive, but you will be able to rent it out much easier and for a higher price.

What is ISKAN?

There are two types of ISKAN: General Iskan and Personal Iskan. General Iskan is a technical document for construction. This document is given by the local government and proves that the property has received all the necessary permits to use the building for residential purposes and is allowed to live there permanently. Private Iskan for apartments that the owner buys together with Tapu, and is also needed for new electricity and water registrations.

What does EMR Real Estate / Home in Alanya offer you?

We provide all the services you need during and after buying your property in Turkey. We process all documentation and offer you services before and after the purchase of your property.

Can I see the property before buying?

EMR Real Estate offers inspection trips for its customers. In case you are a customer we bear the costs.

Do I have to pay capital gains tax if I sell my property?

Under Turkish law, you do not have to pay capital gains tax if you sell your property after 5 years of ownership.

What is required from the documentation for the purchase of real estate in Turkey?

You need a passport or power of attorney (stamped apostille) by the future owner.

Real estate inheritance?

Unless otherwise stated, in the event that something happens to the owner of the property, the property is automatically inherited by the spouse or children. To make any changes to property rights, you need to include legal assistance.

Will I get help furnishing my property?

EMR Real Estate offers assistance in furnishing your property in Turkey. We work with a team of experienced designers and offer you complete furnishing or personalized interior design.

Can I insure my property in Turkey?

Yes, after you buy a property in Turkey, you can insure it. EMR Real Estate will help you find the right insurance company.

How long do I have to wait before I get a TAPU/Title Deed?

An application is required. 3-5 days to obtain possession, from the date of purchase of real estate in Turkey.

What is TAPU?

TAPU is the Turkish name of ownership, which is a legal document that shows that you have all the rights to property. All real estate must have a title deed from the land and registry office.

What are the additional costs for buying real estate in Turkey?

The price you see on the page is the price of the apartment. To this price are added translation costs and, according to Turkish law, a buyer's commission of 3%.

What does the health sector in Turkey look like?

Turkish Healthcare cooperates with three different types of hospitals: public hospitals, university hospitals, and private clinics. Public and private hospitals meet international standards in terms of equipment quality and specialist knowledge. Most hospitals have agreements with international insurance companies.

What is the general perception of locals towards foreigners?

Warmly welcoming all guests is an integral part of Turkish culture. You can be sure that you will feel just as good as in your own country (if not more comfortable) every time you visit Turkey.

Why should I buy a property through a real estate agent?

Real estate agents are professionals who have been helping you buy your property since 2005. EMR Real Estate is a licensed experienced company that provides you with all the information you need to buy real estate in Turkey. With a wide range of properties for sale, we will help you choose the right property for you and guide you through all the steps of the buying process. In addition, EMR Real Estate is a guarantee before and after the purchase of real estate.