Why Invest in Turkey?

Investing in Turkey is a great choice nowadays. One of the best investments you can make in Turkey is in the real estate industry. For starters, let's review the economy. Turkey is one of the top 20 in the ranking of gross domestic product. In the first quarter of 2020, the services sector grew by 3.2 percent. This growth is expected to reach 5.5.

Besides economic advantages, there are many other reasons for buying a property here. Turkey is the country that uniting continents of Asia and Europe and can offer you different experiences due to its location. Four seasons with a climate that provides a variety of activity opportunities and a quality life. Turkey has a multicultural nature as a result of many different cultures affect each other living in this country. Also, it hosts 17 historical and natural beauties that included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The history, culture, economy, nature that Turkey has leads investors to buy property here and due to range in the real estate industry, it is possible to easily find properties suitable for every need, taste and budget. Therefore, Turkey's strategic importance for investors is increasing with each passing day.

Where to invest in Turkey?

When you are investing in Turkey, you may consider strategic locations. Every city has properties that attract real estate investors, exclusive and profit-bringing investment areas. Thus, the districts of many big cities became more valuable and made more benefit for their investors. Buying a property in Turkey has become very popular in the past years. Last year with an increase of 32 percent, Turkey reached the highest level in history with 40 thousand 616 residential sales to foreigners. In the sales made, Istanbul ranked first with 20 thousand 857 houses in 2019, and Antalya ranked second with 8 thousand 951 houses.

investing in Turkey

Buying a property in Istanbul is definitely in your benefit. Istanbul is a city with historical traces and still sophisticated in every way. Aya Sofya, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar among modern buildings, skyscrapers and fascinating Bosphorus. If you are thinking about investing in Turkey, Istanbul is the best choice while giving you an advantage – especially with the new opening of the Istanbul Airport – to reach everywhere both in Turkey and around the world.

On the other hand, if you like more touristic city with natural beauties and warm beaches then owning a property in Antalya is the right choice for you. There are historical remainders of ancient cities. Also with the warm weather and magical beaches, it is the perfect place to have assets. But sometimes people want to get away from the city and have a house in a small town, in that case buying a property in Alanya would be perfect which is a district of Antalya.

How much to invest in Turkey to get citizenship?

It is really easy to get a Turkish citizenship through real estates. With the latest decision in the country, from now on foreigners who buy real estate worth 250,000 USD or who promise to purchase property worth of 250,000 USD from a notary can be Turkish citizens directly. Also, you recieve a 3-year residence permit for you and your family on the first applicant if you buy a property in Turkey worth of 650,000 Turkish liras with a condition of 5 continuous years of residence in Turkey. By investing in Turkey, having a beautiful house and also having a citizenship is quite a way.

Turkish Citizenship

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