10 Things You Should Do In Alanya!

1 – Immerge yourself in the city’s historical heritage

Alanya’s history can be traced back to 4 B.C and always had a grooving and exciting history. The Castle of Alanya is without any doubts the most significant and symbolic proof of the city’s rich history and is definitely worth visiting.

The Castle, a Seldjuk era citadel from 1226, is located on top of  the peninsula, and open to visitors everyday of the week and can be visited between 08:00 – 19:30 (Should you be visiting the Castle during winter season, closing time is 17:30)

When visiting the Castle, make sure to take some time to visit the old town, maybe do some shopping from local shops where you can buy wimples, silk clothes (a speciality of the region)  and other regional specialities.

For those loving the challenge and not afraid to walk, the road leading to the Castle will offer spots where to take pictures with panoramic views of the city and of course the impressive Taurus mountains in the background, as well as lots of small hidden places to visit and explore all along the way.

Make sure to take some time to visit the Red Tower, and of course the Seldjuk Tersane (Drydock for ships)

2 – Visit a local market

Who doesn’t love fresh fruits and vegetables? Probably no one. There is a local market everyday of the week in Alanya, in different locations, so make sure to learn where the next one will be on time of your visit.

A local market in Alanya is not only about fruits and vegetables, but also a good opportunity to shop for clothes and even electronics.

Visiting a local market is also an excellent way to mix with locals, learn about the habits of locals, and of course initiate you in the Turkish way of negotiating 

3 – Take a day off in the mountains

Even those not too familiar with outdoors will definitely stay breathless once immerge in the dense forests standing just behind the city.  In just less than half an hour drive from the city, you will find yourself embraced with the forest, fresh air, and breath taking views. 

You can even drive a bit more and discover the famous Yayla, much loved by locals coming here during the hot summer days to refresh (Don’t forget to take your sweat shirts with you whenever going there, even if it’s summer, since the temperature is considerably more chilly)

4 -  Go to Dim River

Not in the mood for the beach?

 Do you feel like you need to relax somewhere else? 

A place where it’s not too hot, where you can swim, eat and relax all day nestled with the forest. 

Than Dim River is your place to be!. Approximately 20 minutes drive from the city centre, Dim River is definitely a place to go and spend an entire day.

5 – Visit the Damlatas Cave

Found by accident in 1948, the Damlatas caves are definitely a place to visit when in Alanya.

Local right at the bottom of the peninsula, the air in the cave (which contains 10 to 12 times more carbon dioxide than normal air) is known to be curative for asthmatics.

6 – Take a boat trip

You may have experienced a boat trip, but we can assure you that you have never experienced a boat trip Alanya Style.

You will surely be amazed when seeing the large boats, almost all designed in different ways and offering a full day off shore, visiting the bays a bit all around the city, stopping in many of them for swimming and sun bathing.

You will be warmly welcomed, offered lunch and also on site entertainments such as dancing shows and much more...

7 – Go to Sapadere Canyon

When considering what to do in Alanya, the Sapadere village and its famous canyon should seriously be taken into consideration.

Located around an hour drive from the city centre of Alanya, the Sapadere village and the canyon are well worth spending a day. You will not only discover a lovely village nestled deep in the forrest, but also explore the famous Sapadere waterfalls.

8 – Go Rafting

For those seeking adrenaline-based activities, why not going drafting when in Alanya.

In less than an hour drive, you will reach the famous Koprulu canyon, where a 14 km level 3 rafting route is waiting for you! Adrenaline rush guaranteed!

9 – Enjoy Aquapark 

Alanya is home to one of the largest aqua parks on the Mediterranean coast, where you will get the chance to enjoy shows and spend a day using the many activities offered on site.

10 – Spend a whole day at the beach

If your decision is to spend a whole day at the beach, than Alanya is the last place where to be worried about finding a nice and peaceful place where to lie down.

With over 20 km of uninterrupted sandy beach, you will surely find your ideal spot, and with many small beach clubs spread a bit everywhere, drinks and snacks will never be too far away. 

Whether right in front of your hotel or apartment, or 20 kms away from it, no worries, Alanya has an excellent transportation system.