Alanya, Antalya, Turkey Tourism Increase Predictions in 2017

At an event coordinated by the Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers Association on Nov. 25, he said a useful cabinet conclusion would shortly be released. We shall keep providing fuel support for the charter in 2017 by enlarging its range both in amount and quality. The cabinet selection is likely to be issued very shortly, he explained, including that 2016 was a brutal year for the sector, largely due to some bombings.

Subsidy for each plane taking tourists to specific airports in Turkey was previously fuel a $6, 000 expanded from June to September. I, nevertheless, believe there’s some exaggeration in the negative reports printed overseas about the security states in Turkey. Terrorism is an international issue and sadly there were terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels over the last years and also in Ankara and Istanbul. The strikes in Turkey have already been described in a more negative way than the strikes in Europe, the minister said. TUI Chief executive officer Friedrich Joussen said that Turkey was secure with regards to its own security, however there exists an overall deterioration due to latest terror strikes in understandings of Turkey.

It has regrettably induced possible tourists to cancel their Turkey strategies. We truly need to be somewhat active in changing this perception for the better, he explained, adding that the firm had hosted more than ONE million tourists in Turkey through the entire year regardless of the difficulties. AKTOB President said 2016 can have been the most complex year the Turkish tourist sector had ever experienced. That the time has come for people to take lessons that were mandatory from the problems we faced this year, he explained.