Antalya Selected as the Best City for German Retirees!

According to a study, Antalya was chosen as the second best place for Germans to live after retirement. Based on data from Numbeo, the Chip 365 portal compared 575 cities according to the retirement criteria given below:

  • What is the average rent compared to Berlin?
  • How high are other living costs compared to Berlin?
  • How is the climate?
  • Are social and daily amenities easily accessible? How is the transportation?
  • Is the healthcare system developed?
  • Is the city safe?
  • Is the air quality good?

In the research, where cities can get a maximum of 100 points in all categories, Antalya received one of the highest scores.

  • Consumer prices in Berlin are 170.24% more expensive (including rent) than Antalya.
  • Rental prices in Berlin are 543.53% more expensive than Antalya.
  • Market prices in Berlin are 147,82% more expensive than Antalya.
  • While the safety index out of 100 points is high in Antalya with 74 points, it is moderate in Berlin with 58 points.
  • While the health index in Antalya is 76.35 points out of 100 points, it is 69.18 in Berlin.

This beautiful Mediterranean city with a population of 2.5 million is in the first place in terms of foreign population in Turkey with the number of resident foreigners exceeding 102 thousand. More than 10 thousand of this number are German citizens.