Attractions in Antalya, which is the diamond of Turkey

Antalya is a city with a thousand shades of green and blue, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea in the south and the Taurus Mountains in the North.

Antalya is the first of the cities that come to mind when we mention tourism in Turkey. In this, Antalya has natural and human charm resources, accommodation facilities that contain various types, good transport integration and high demand for this region are effective.

Antalya has many miracles of nature with its temperate climate, wide beaches and azure sea. For this reason, it is of both national and international importance and is in demand by many tourists every year.

Although it is the indispensable address of summer holidays, Antalya, which is never composed of sea, sun and sand trio, is one of the most colorful regions of Turkey. Antalya is the province with the most ancient cities in Turkey. This city, which has been home to many civilizations such as Lycians, Lydians, Pamphylians, Pergamonians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans throughout history, with its ancient cities, museums and historical areas, it manages to blow the minds of those who love historical and cultural trips. 

Because of all these reasons, Antalya is not only a province where there is summer tourism, but also a province where there are tourism opportunities in all four seasons. In Antalya, cultural tourism, especially sea, sports, health, Winter, Congress, plateau, cave, camp and faith tourism options are also developed and there are facilities for these tourism options.

While there are so many places to visit in Antalya, we have made a list to satisfy your curiosity in Antalya and offer you preliminary information. Let's go through this list together.


Kaleici, which we can call the historical center of Antalya, is located in Muratpasa district. Historical houses, which are one of the most concrete structures connecting the past to the present, are built of stones. These houses have been restored to their original form. In addition, Aya Yorgi Church, Hadrian's Gate (three gates), the Old Port are also one of the historical structures worth seeing in Kaleici .

You can breathe the smell of the sea while walking among the stone houses located in the narrow streets of Kaleici, which is one of the places where local and foreign tourists visit most often in Antalya. Kaleiçi has many entertainment venues, restaurants, souvenir shops, so it is also a preferred historical tourist area by those who live there.

Yanartas Chimera mountain 

It is located in Çıralı district, which is connected to Kemer, which is the popular holiday center of Antalya. Yanartash, which has been subjected to an influx of tourists, is famous for never extinguishing the flames that come out of the stones. It is close to the sea and is integrated with the beauty of the sea and nature.

Church Of Santa Claus

The Church of Santa Claus, located in Demre, was built after the death of Saint Nicholas, who is thought to be Santa Claus.

Historic Clock Tower

This structure, which is considered a symbol of Antalya, is 14 meters high and it is not known when and by whom it was built.

Alara Khan Castle

It is located about 40 km from Alanya and was built by the Seljuk ruler Alaaddin Keykubat I. Along the river that flows on the edge of the hill where the castle is located, there are restaurants intertwined with nature, and here you can experience the famous Turkish breakfast.

Ancient City Of Olympos

The ancient city of Olympos, located within the borders of Kumluca district, is also called the city of Gods. The historical remains found here belong to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. This region is a region where camping tourism also develops because it is located on the seafront and intertwined with nature. This area is protected as it is the breeding ground of Caretta caretta.

Ancient City Of Side

Side is one of the port cities of Pamphylia in antiquity and its history goes back to the Hittites. At that time, the region, which was dominated by the Lycians and Persians, believed in many gods such as Apollo, Aphrodite, Ares and Athena. This magnificent city welcomes many local and foreign tourists every year with its historical theatre, Temple of Apollo, baths, Agora, houses, museums and city gate. There is also the Side Museum, which contains architectural features typical of the Byzantine, Roman and Hellenic periods.

Ancient City Of Patara

Patara is a coastal town that was the capital of the Lycian civilization. In addition to their archaeological and historical value, Caretta caretta are among the rare beaches where they stop to spawn. The ancient city of Patara is also known for the siege of Alexander the Great. 

Patara Beach, the second longest beach in Turkey, and Patara Sand Dunes, which live the desert air on the edge of the sea, are also here.

Ancient City Of Xanthos

The city, which in turn came under the rule of the Persians, Romans and Byzantines, is located in the district of Kas. The ancient city of Xanthos, which bears traces of the Hellenistic and Roman periods, has been protected by UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 1988. The first excavations are by Charles Fellows. He dismantled the important artifacts he found and transported them to London on a warship docked in Patara. For this reason, many artifacts belonging to the city are now displayed in the British Museum.

Ancient City Of Aspendos

The city located in the Serik District of Antalya, is famous for its 12 thousand-seat amphitheater built by the Romans. The other most important remains found here are aqueducts. 

The aqueducts, which demonstrate the engineering skill of the period and carry water from the mountains to the north, are 1 km long. The ancient city, consisting of buildings such as Agora, Theater, bathhouse, cisterns, stadium, welcomes many local and foreign tourists every year. Many events such as theatre and concerts are held here.

Other ancient cities worth visiting in Antalya are listed below.

*Theimussa (Castle Pier)

*Ancient City Of Magydos

*Ancient City Of Termessos

*Ancient City Of Perge

*Ancient City Of Sillyon

*Ancient City Of Myra

Historical Mosques To Visit In Antalya

*Murat Pasha Mosque

*Fluted Minaret

*Balibey Mosque

*Alaeddin Mosque

*Kesk minaret mosque (Korkut Mosque)

*Kale Mosque (Sultan Suleyman Mosque)

Museums To Visit In Antalya

St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) Museum

Saint Nicholas, known as Santa Claus, was born in Patara, one of the important cities of Lycia on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is known that merchants stole the bones of St. Nicholas, who was believed to be the protector of sailors and students, during the crusades, took them to Bari and buried them in a basilica. The remaining bones are now on display in the Antalya Museum.

Antalya Archaeological Museum

It consists of a museum, 13 exhibition halls, a children's section and open-air galleries displaying important works from the period from the Paleolithic to the Roman era. This museum contains coins, mosaics, icons, Emperor statues and ethnographic artifacts.

Antalya Beaches

Konyaalti Beach

Located among the most beautiful beaches of Antalya, this beach is 1.5 km long. Blue Flag Konyaalti Beach also offers water sports activities.

Cleopatra Beach

It is one of the most famous beaches of Alanya district. Cleopatra beach with blue flag is 2 km long.

It is named after Cleopatra, Queen of ancient Egypt. It is rumored that Cleopatra and the Roman Emperor Antony swam on the beach, which is often preferred by local and foreign tourists. You can enjoy the view of Alanya Castle while swimming on this beach offering magnificent sunset views.

Lara Beach

Lara beach, one of the popular districts of Antalya, is 2 km long and is one of the most famous sandy beaches of Antalya. The sand of this blue flag-winning beach is said to be good for Rheumatic Diseases. The location of the beach covered with pine forests around it is at the confluence of the Düden waterfall with the sea. For this reason, it is one of the most valuable beaches of Antalya.

Kemer Beach

Kemer has beautiful beaches that are intertwined with nature and you can have fun with beach parties in the evening.

Incekum Beach

This beach, which stands out with its shallow sea and fine sand, is located in Alanya. Incekum Forest Camp is also here where Camp lovers meet.

Kaputaj Beach

Located on the road of KAS district, this beach attracts attention with its white sand and turquoise sea. The beach, where there are no facilities, offers great views of the sea, sand and nature.

Patara Beach

This beach, which has the second longest beach in Turkey, is 14 km long and 280 meters wide.

It is home to the temple of Apollo. Caretta caretta is among the most important breeding sites in Turkey. During the time period when caretta are on the beach, people are not allowed to enter the beach.

Cıralı Beach

It is one of the beaches of Antalya that hosts caretta caretta. The water of this beach, where the historical remains of the Roman era are located, is clear, and the sand is stony. 

In addition, this area is also one of the areas frequently preferred by Camping lovers.

Phaselis Beach

Phalesis Beach, where history meets magnificent nature, will be an exciting experience for you. In the historical atmosphere, the sand of this beach, surrounded by pine trees, is thin.

Adrasan Cove

Located close to the center, the beach also caters to families with children with a shallow and sandy beach. In addition to accommodation, it is an area with restaurants and cafes.

Olympos Beach

Olympos Beach, one of the most well-known beaches of Antalya, is located in Kumluca district. Olympos Beach, one of the most well-known beaches of Antalya, is located in Kumluca district. In this area there are hostels consisting of famous bungalows and tree houses. You reach this beach, which is intertwined with nature, by passing through the ancient city of Olympus.

As you can see above, Antalya is literally one of the cities that we can call paradise. Your dream of living in this city is not as far away as you think! In recent years, Antalya has been a growing city, receiving continuous migration from abroad and within the country. Development in the real estate sector has also started to increase in recent years. You can examine the real estate market in Antalya, which is suitable for both living and investing, and contact us right now.