Best Areas to Live in Alanya

Alanya has a mixture of colorful history, culture, cuisine, historical places to visit, local values ​​and architecture. It is a must-visit district of Antalya, which makes a significant contribution to Turkey's tourism.

Alanya is located in the Mediterranean region and is 130 km from Antalya city centre. It is a favorite of local and mostly foreign tourists with its clean blue flag beaches and castles. It is also home to many 5-star hotels. Here are the best places to live in Alanya;

  • Damlatas
  • Tosmur
  • Kestel
  • Mahmutlar
  • Demirtas
  • Gullerpınarı District
  • Kleopatra
  • Oba
  • Kargicak
  • Gazipasa

1. Damlatas

When Alanya is mentioned, it is not possible to skip Damlatas District. Damlatas Cave is one of the most touristic places of this district. Offering a magical atmosphere with its colorful stalactites and stalagmites and a constant temperature of 22-23 degrees, Damlatas Cave always fascinates visitors. The humidity in the cave is between 90-100%. It is said that the cave is good for non-allergic asthma and rheumatic diseases. The cave is 13.5 meters long and 15 meters high.

Damlatas Beach is located on the outskirts of Alanya Castle, right in front of Damlatas Cave. Damlatas Beach has an eye-catching beauty with its fine and clean sand. Many hotels serving tourism have been built behind the beach. The beach is quite large.

2. Tosmur

One of the most important values ​​of Alanya is Tosmur District. Tosmur Beach, located in this neighborhood, is the beach with the coolest sea in Alanya and Antalya. The distance from the beach to the center of Alanya is about 8 km. City transport vehicles regularly pass in front of the beach. It is the unique cooling point of Alanya with its turquoise color, clear and fresh waters.

3. Kestel

Kestel district is connected to Alanya district. Located in Kestel Neighborhood, Kargicak Beach offers an excellent opportunity for residents and holidaymakers with its deep blue sea and smooth sandy beach. You will always feel the clean sea air when you live in Alanya Kestel.

4. Mahmutlar

According to TUIK data, the most crowded neighborhood of Alanya is Mahmutlar. In recent years, Alanya has expanded rapidly to the east and Alanya city center has merged with Obakoy, Tosmur, Camyolu, Mahmutlar and Kargicak on the Gazipasa road. All these small towns now form the outer edges of the city. Mahmutlar is a very popular town just east of Alanya. In front of the town you will find miles of golden beaches and behind it are the mighty Taurus Mountains like a shield. This combination gives the town a tropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. It is the perfect town for walking around or cycling. You can go cycling on the beautiful 12 km coastline accompanied by sea views. Every Tuesday and Saturday, a big market is held in Mahmutlar. Local farmers sell fresh fruit and vegetables here. Besides fruits and vegetables, you can also find clothes, souvenirs and spices. Mahmutlar is a very popular and quiet holiday destination for foreign investors.

5. Demirtas

Demirtas Neighborhood is one of the least populated neighborhoods of Alanya. According to 2020 data, its population is 3,105. In addition, the restaurants on Demirtas Beach offer nice evenings by the sea.

6. Gullerpinari

Gullerpinari, one of the most populated areas of Alanya, has a population of 17,859. Alanya Marina is in Gullerpinari Neighborhood. The population of this neighborhood, which stretches along the coast, reaches one hundred thousand in summer. People can have fun and relax at Alanya Municipality Public Beach.

7. Cleopatra

The Blue Flag Cleopatra Beach is on the shore, right in front of Damlatas Cave. There are many hotels along the coast. This natural beach, which looks like a pool surrounded by rocks and stones, is known for the fact that Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Roman Emperor Antonius swam in the past. The most important feature of Cleopatra Beach is its clean sea. It is even possible to watch the fish and the natural beauties of the seabed while swimming with underwater goggles. The beach is free and open to the public and tourists. However, you have to pay for services such as sunbeds and beach umbrellas. You can meet all your fast food-style food and beverage needs at the beach kiosks, which are available every 50 meters. You can also enjoy activities such as skydiving and jet skiing.

8. Oba

Oba, where there are many possibilities, is a region that is frequently preferred for settled life. It takes about 7 minutes to reach Alanya center from Oba. You can reach the center in about half an hour by walking, accompanied by the sea view along the coastline, as well as by transportation vehicles. Here you can find restaurants, cafes and fast food places where you can eat dishes from Turkish culture. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas in the places on the beach. You can easily reach markets, pharmacies and ATMs. Oba, which is preferred by many local and foreign people, is increasing day by day and very comfortable houses are being built. Investing in Oba, which is a region often preferred by those who want to live in Alanya, will provide you with good gains in the future.

9. Kargicak

Kargicak has gained popularity in recent years among holidaymakers from all over the world and those who decide to buy real estate here. Also, it is about 15 km away from Alanya center and 30 km away from Gazipasa centre, which is one of the fastest developing areas of Alanya. There are many daily necessities in Kargicak such as many shops, supermarkets, restaurants and bars, medical center and pharmacies. Magnificent park Villas and residential complexes have been built in the area, all residential complexes are built with high quality and excellent infrastructure. Also, the villas in Kargicak are the best villas in the whole Alanya region. 

10. Gazipasa

Gazipasa is the last district of Antalya on the 180 km east border. Gazipasa district, located on the Mediterranean coast, is a very rich region in terms of history, which has hosted various civilizations from the first ages to the present, as well as its natural beauties. The length of the coastline of the district is 50 km. It is a town surrounded by the Taurus Mountains. There are many places to visit here. Gazipasa region is one of the regions known for its plateaus. Climbing and traveling to the highlands is much easier today than in the past. Due to its easy accessibility, it is frequently visited by nature lovers. Maha plateau is one of the most popular plateaus of the region. Modern agricultural techniques are used in the district. High-income agricultural products are grown. Cotton, citrus fruits, peanuts and bananas are among the most grown agricultural products in the region. Gazipasa is a district with wonderful beaches, which has recently brought the economy of the district based on forestry, animal husbandry and fruit growing to tourism.