Camping routes you can go in summer in Alanya

Kas Camping

Kas camping is an ideal place for those who want to camp in the blue of the Mediterranean, with your caravan or tent, towards the green of olive trees. It also has its own cafe and beach. Also, if you go to Kas, you should definitely join the boat tour.

Elmali / Avlan Lake

Elmali- Avlan Lake is a lake nestled with cedar forests between Beydaglari and Elmali. There are no facilities for camping around the lake, but you can start to set up your tent from the first flat you find and enjoy the camp.

Incekum Forest Camp

Incekum, located within the borders of Antalya, is a blue paradise integrated with nature, intertwined with the sea, the sky and the forest. A camping area where you can feel peace in the shade of pine trees and freedom in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. There is a very beautiful private bay very close to Alanya.

Manavgat Koprulu Canyon

If you want to add activity in your camp and be interested in nature sports, Manavgat Koprulu Canyon can be ideal for this. Here you can do Greyhound canyoning, rafting or canyoning. There are multiple campsites available here.

Phaselis- Bostanlık Bay

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, Phaselis is located close to the center of Antalya. Bostanlık Bay, located right next to the port of the ancient city of Phaselis, is one of the untouched bays of the region. If you want to enjoy a calm sea intertwined with nature, this bay is for you.

Cirali / Olympos

Cirali and Olympos provide the opportunity to camp in nature in pine and orange trees. Both campgrounds are located within the borders of Beydağları National Park. If you want to set up or rent a meadow, there are many facilities in natural areas.

Dipsiz Lake

Dipsiz Lake, located at an altitude of 1702 meters on the northern slopes of the Taurus Mountains, draws attention with its azure water, which remains at the same level and clarity in all seasons, as it is fed by leaks. The lake, which also has settlements around it, is a frequent destination for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts in summer. This lake, which is a natural wonder, is an ideal place for camping.