How to decorate summer houses?

August, one of the most beautiful times of the summer season, continues to reflect its happy energy. In these days when we spend the most time in our summer houses, there are some points to be considered in order to design both comfortable and useful spaces. What should be considered in summer house decorations? What elements are important for a house that reflects summer energy? In this article, where you will find answers to all these questions, we have made important recommendations for you.

Prefer light colors

In order to achieve an air that reflects the summer spirit, it is of great importance to create a spacious environment first. As it is known, creating these environments requires choosing light colors. The products chosen in soft color tones in furniture, wall color, curtains and home textiles not only make the spaces look wider, but also increase the perception of spaciousness. If you want to achieve such an effect, you can choose summer colors such as blue, cream, off-white, and add a refreshing effect to the environment with colorful accessories.

Stone wall use

Stone houses, which are one of the features of the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions, can also give a good idea for your summer house. If you have a house in this region, the stone walls will look very nice and natural in decoration. Another advantage of the stone wall for summer is that it can keep the inside of the house cooler.

Let naturalness be your first choice

Summer; It means sea, sand, sun and naturalness. In this season, which is intertwined with nature, the choice of furniture by using natural materials gives people peace and contributes to the calming process expected from the holiday atmosphere. The most beautiful tones of natural wood used in the spaces and the peaceful atmosphere of green bring the unique spirit of nature to homes. You can use many complementary accessory products such as wooden designs that reflect the peaceful energy of nature, bamboo wall fans, linen and cotton pillows, and ceramic objects.

Choose comfortable furniture

For summer houses, especially light-colored furniture is very suitable. They both give spaciousness to the space and make the house appear larger. Another detail to note is that the furniture should be cool and light, not heavy, with sweaty fabrics. Simple furniture, which is easy to use, is much more suitable for summer houses.

Elegance with accessories

It is also possible to decorate the houses simply and not to compromise on the stylish look with accessories. Extremely stylish looks can be achieved with lively and colorful accessories and flower arrangements that turn balconies into gardens. Summer houses take on a modern and fun atmosphere with colorful decorative objects, lanterns that illuminate your home, ceramic vases, wall decor products and specially designed accessories inspired by nature.

Elegance carried to the gardens

Of course, summer months are the best time to spend time outdoors in an ambiance dominated by nature and peace. It is of great importance to create a warm atmosphere in the gardens, balconies and terraces, where open-air tables with pleasure and conversations with our loved ones extending until late hours are experienced. Therefore, garden furniture becomes one of the indispensable elements of summer homes. It is as important as the functionality, comfort and aesthetics of garden furniture that it is resistant to sun, humidity and outdoor conditions. Choosing the right material, using quality materials, functionality of mechanisms, good workmanship should be considered while choosing garden furniture.