Places to Visit Around Alanya

While Alanya is a beautiful place to visit, if you’re in town for awhile, there are plenty of other cities that are worth a trip to as well. Popular destinations around Alanya include:

Side: If you’re looking to visit a historical place, Side is the place to visit. Renowned for its Temple of Apollo which Cleopatra and Marc Anthony often frequented in the past, Side is also a great place to take in the sights of its ancient ruins.

Kemer: For a panoramic view of the meditteranean, Kemer is the place to go. Take a cable car up to Mount Tahtali to the viewing platform which will offer views of the coastline and the surrounding mountain ranges.

Antalya: Perhaps the most popular destination to visit outside of Alanya is Antalya where many shopping and touristic attractions are nestled, but it’s also a great city to experience the culture and art of Turkey. It’s also home to the country’s largest archaeological museums, filled with artifacts that have been excavated around the country. Families with children should also visit the aquarium.

Anamur: Head east from Alanya to visit this spot that not many people think to go to. However, besides their bananas which the region is heralded for, there’s also Mamure Castle, an ancient structure that looks like something straight out of a medieval tv show. Many people frequent this destination more than once as it has 3 large courtyards and 39 towers, giving people a new place to explore every time.