The country, which cannot be shared, the history of Cyprus

If we examine the history of the island of Cyprus, the first traces of life are found in the Neolithic period, and then, respectively in other ages.

Cyprus has been home to many civilizations throughout history, such as the Persians, Romans, Byzantines and the Ottoman Empire. Before the Ottoman Empire conquered Cyprus, Cyprus was legally annexed to the Ottoman Empire according to its agreement with the Venetians. The Venetians, on the other hand, would remain the owners of the island. But after the Pirates who ruled on the island attacked and plundered merchant ships passing through the region, the Ottoman Empire conquered Famagusta in 1571, the island completely joined the borders of the Ottoman Empire.

In the Battle of 93, the Ottoman State, defeated by Russia, leased the island of Cyprus to the United Kingdom, to avoid further compromises against the Russians. Thus, the administration was completely transferred to the United Kingdom. The Ottoman Empire period, which ruled the island for 308 years, ended temporarily. 23 of the Treaty of Lausanne, signed on 23 July 1923. according to the article, the Ottoman State accepted the annexation of Cyprus to the British. 

At the time, the Greeks living on the island revolted and announced that they would accept the British and Turks as enemies and destroy them. They set up a terrorist organization. The Greeks, who first attacked the British soldiers and settled families, then began to attack the Turks. Britain, as a result of the escalation of violence, has gone the way of the deal. British proposed that the island be co-managed by Turkey, Greece and Britain. Despite the Greeks ' refusal, Britain implemented the plan.

Turkey and Greece met in Zurich and agreed on the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus. On 19 February 1959, they signed the London Agreement and proclaimed The Republic of Cyprus. Only 3 years later, the Greeks began to attack Turkish society again and began to slaughter Turkish society. This dark period between 1963 and 1974 brought about the end of the Republic of Cyprus. After 12 years of suffering by the Greeks, the Turks intervened against them in 1974. July 20, 1974, after the Peace Operation, Turks and Greeks began to live separately in the north and south. The rights granted by the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus to Turkish society have been constantly blocked by the Greeks. The Greeks saw themselves as the only legitimate government in Cyprus. 

For all these reasons, the patience of the Turkish people, who did not have the opportunity to coexist with the Greeks, was exhausted and the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” was declared on November 15, 1983. The first country to recognize the newly established Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the Republic of Turkey. The Cyprus issue has entered the world's agenda. Many activities have been carried out for the unification of the island, especially by the United Nations. But it was not successful.

The independence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not recognized by any other country other than the Republic of Turkey. According to the United Nations and the Council of Europe, Northern Cyprus is under Turkish occupation. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is supported by Turkey from an economic, political and military point of view to this day.

The biggest factors in the economy of Northern Cyprus are tourism and education. Cyprus is visited by thousands of tourists every year thanks to its 5-star luxury hotels, sandy beaches, magnificent weather and casinos. Cyprus, dominated by the Mediterranean climate, is suitable to visit in all seasons.

As well as its calm nature, climate and beautiful beaches, Northern Cyprus also stands out with real estate investments coming from abroad in recent years. You can visit our next blocks for attractions in Cyprus and more information.