The Most Beautiful Bays of Alanya

Alanya has dozens of natural beauties that are worth seeing. With its beaches located in various coves, it brings its guests together with its unique waters in the most beautiful way. You can find coves and beaches that are different from each other in every corner of Alanya. These points are almost a gift that nature has given us. If you are planning a holiday in Alanya, it is very important to know these coves and beaches. For this reason, we have created a list of Alanya's Most Beautiful Bays for you, which you can review in the rest of our article.

Cleopatra Bay and Beach

Cleopatra Bay, which is among the most beautiful bays of Alanya with its approximately 2 km long beach, is among the bays preferred by local and foreign tourists. There are also many legends under the unique beauty of Cleopatra Beach. According to legend, Cleopatra Beach is covered with sand brought from the other side of the world by Cleopatra's lover so that Cleopatra can swim here. These sands are such that they do not burn your feet no matter how many degrees the weather is and they have a fine structure. Of course, this remains a myth. In reality, the reason why the sands are like this is the result of thousands of years of tectonic movements. Swimming in this unique beach and enjoying Cleopatra Bay will also be perfect. If you are coming to Alanya for a holiday, we recommend that you do not leave without visiting Cleopatra Bay.

Damlatas Beach

Starting in front of Damlatas Cave, this beach with fine sand and blue flag is one of the must-visit beaches of Alanya. Damlatas Beach, which is a great option to spend a pleasant time with nature, offers its visitors a deep blue sea and unique sands.

Keykubat (Bougainvillea) Beach

This beach, which has a length of approximately 3 kilometers, has sand throughout. The rather long Keykubat, also known as the Begonvil Beach, is covered with sand rocks from place to place. We recommend that you add Bougainvillea Beach, which is among the spots frequently preferred by holidaymakers, to your list.

Orange Beach

Orange Beach is the beach that comes after Keykubat Beach in the east of Alanya. It is located in front of Oba and Tosmur districts. It is the coolest beach in Alanya as it is located between the Oba Stream and the Dim Stream pouring into the sea.
Unlike other beaches of Alanya, it has a different and very beautiful natural structure with its cliffs and beaches in small bays. Some parts are full beaches. Fish get stuck on rocks.


Incekum Beach

Incekum Beach is among the rarest points to be shown among the Most Beautiful Bays of Alanya. One of the reasons why İncekum Beach is so preferred is that the water of this beach does not get deep immediately. In this way, it becomes very suitable for amateur swimmers and families with children. Incekum Beach, which does justice to its name, offers its guests a unique day and a swimming experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Incekum can be shown among the points that we recommend you to choose in order to have a pleasant time in the clear waters.

Ulas (Emirgan) Beach

Although it is located on the side of the highway, this beach, which is descended with the help of long stairs, is actually a cove beach. Located among the Alanya Bays, this beautiful Ulaş (Emirgan) Beach, which will impress everyone who sees it, also has areas for picnics. Ulaş (Emirgan) Beach, which has the opportunity to swim in the clean, clear sea, sunbathe on the golden yellow sands and have a pleasant picnic, awaits you with great impatience to host you.

Fugla Beach

Located in a wide bay, approximately 20 km west of Alanya, Fugla Beach has an extremely calm and peaceful environment. In addition to bringing the visitors together with the unique waters of Alanya, it also offers real peace to its guests with its calm and peaceful environment. If you want to spend a quiet and calm day away from the crowds and surrounded by nature, we recommend that you do not miss the beach located in this wide bay, which is on the list of Alanya Bays.

Kargicak Beach

Kargicak Beach, which is famous for its waves, is a very beautiful beach located 16 km from Alanya. Kargicak Beach has a wavy sea. It is known by everyone with its waves. If you know swimming and like the choppy sea, we can recommend this beach.