The Top 4 Reasons to Move to Turkey

The Food in Turkey

If you have ever visited Turkey in the past, the one thing that you probably can best recall is the food. Not only is the food fresh, local, and generally very healthy, but it’s also not going to cost you a fortune. In fact, it’s hardly going to cost you anything at all. A full meal for two people can easily cost less than $8USD. Quaint coffee shops and street vendors lay around every corner, and restaurants tantalize your senses by barraging you with tempting aromas that waft from their windows. Picking a place to eat may be the hardest decision you will ever make during your time here, but no matter where you go, you will always leave feeling satisfied.

The Climate in Turkey

This one should come as no surprise as Turkey has probably the most enviable climate out of most places in the world. Summers are long, hot, and dry, perfect for spending your days exploring Turkey’s beautiful outdoors and white, sandy beaches, while the winters are short and wet, just enough to refresh the earth and give you time to binge-watch TV, or hit the renowned ski resort in Antalya. July and August, however, can reach temperatures 35 degrees Celsius and over, so try to limit yourself going outside during peak hours. Luckily, Turkish homes are designed with these things in mind and are built with natural materials. This prevents them from overheating during the summer and also hold the ability to keep you warm during the winter.

Outdoor Adventures in Turkey

It is not too often that you find a place in the world that has a climate to allow it’s tourists and residents a chance to enjoy activities all year rough. We already mentioned the ski resort in Antalya, but other activities include rock climbing, hiking, swimming, sailing, rafting, and many more. For the more laid-back individuals, Turkey also offers historical tours, cruises, and many places to enjoy a round of golf at numerous world-class golf courses. No matter your lifestyle, Turkey has something for the whole family.

The History of Turkey

Turkey is home to many museums for you to explore, and while they are definitely worth checking out, Turkey is one of the few places in the world where you can get up close and personal with historical sights, and did we mention that it’s also free? Antalya itself is like a living museum. Ancient ruins like the old town of Kaleici and the ruins of Aspendos which is located just 25 miles east of Antalya are visual treasures just waiting to be explored.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking to start over, searching for your next adventure, or simply looking for the perfect place to spend your retirement, there is no better place to be than Turkey.