Turkey is Again the Third in the World in the 'Blue Flag

The International Blue Flag jury announced the 'Blue Flag Awards' for 2023. This year, the 'Blue Flag' will fly on 551 beaches, 23 marinas, 14 tourism boats and 10 individual yachts in Turkey.

In the Blue Flag ranking announced by the International Environmental Education Foundation-FEE, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Turkey again ranked third in the world with the number of beaches. Spain took the first place in the ranking, while Greece took the second place. Italy and France followed Turkey.

The Blue Flag Program in Turkey was initiated when the European Union declared 1987 as the year of the environment. The program, which was initiated with the aim of protecting public health, maintaining this with environmental education and awareness activities, was put into practice in Turkey in 1993.

Within the scope of the program, Blue Flag beaches 33, marinas 38, tourist boats 51 and individual yachts include 4 criteria and 16 rules. Swimming water analysis on the beaches every 15 days during the season, the suitability of wastewater treatment plants, the protection of sensitive natural areas, the availability of lifeguards and first aid materials, the emergency plan, the disabled, the separation of waste, environmental education and information, corporate social responsibility and public participation and training are among the expected criteria for marinas and tourism boats.