Unknown History of Alanya

Alanya is the one of the most important part of world heritage. Alanya is full of culture and history from the first resettlement Upper Palaeolithic Era (BC 20.000 – 17.000) till now. Alanya is cradle of civilizations. Alanya got an important role in the Ptolemaic, Roman, Egyptians, Greeks, Anatolian Seljuks, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.

Alanya’s first written history was related famous Trojan war. According to the famous historian Herodotus,  After the Trojan War (BC1820), some of the displaced came and settled in Alanya. various indigenous tribes also hosted the arrivals. B.C. In the first half of the 16th century, the Hittites who set foot on these lands killed about 600 people and connected Cilicia and Pamphylia to themselves. B.C. During the years 224-188, all Cilicia, despite being overrun by the Great Antiocus, maintained its independence due to the difficulty of its siege and take. And by the 7th century, the construction of a castle was given priority for the protection of Arab raids therefore, many castles and churches in and around Alanya are built in M.S.6 and 7th century. Alalya’s oldest known name is Korakesium.

Anatolian Seljuk Sultan 1.Alaaddin Keykubad defeated Kyr Vart who was Alanya Castle in the ascendant in 1221 Following this, Sultan Alaaddin married Kyr Vart’s daughter and changed its name to Alaiye and built a palace in the city. Alanya became second capital for Anatolian Seljuks and they governed empire from Alanya in winters. it was the richest period of the city at that time and they built many historical buildings. Today’s castle, shipyard and many of the buildings still standing from that period.

As a result of the decadence of the Anatolian Seljuks in 1300, Karamanoğlu Principality concurred city  Karamanogulları, sold the city to Egypt Memluk Sultanate in 1427 for 5 thousand gold.

Finally the Ottomans united Anatolia. Following this Ottoman concurred Alaiye in 1571. Under the Ottoman Empire. Alaiye, first joined to the province of Cyprus in 1571, then Alanya became part of the province of Konya in 1864. In 1868, Alaiye was connected to the Sanjak of Antalya and finally in 1871 the district of Antalya was built. Atatürk visited the city in 1935 and named it Alanya.