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Head of Real Estate in ALTSO Chamber of Commerce
Head of Real Estate in ALTSO Chamber of Commerce

Like any other country Turkey also has a lot of details about every and each single industry. There are plenty of real estate companies in Turkey who sell properties to international. Many of them are registered as realtors, many of them are not. Some pay their fees to government and charge their clients based on the rules and regulations and some of them charge way more than that. ALTSO in Alanya is the Chamber of Commerce and deals with all these stuff.

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Property for sale in Turkey

If you want to buy a property in Turkey, for sure a few questions come to your mind. EMR Properties and its certificied team will be happy to answer all your questions about purchasing real estate and investing in Turkey.

First of all, a pre-application must be made to the land registry offices for the transfer. After the preliminary application, a day is determined for the transfer transactions to the people who will sell and buy property in Turkey.

The following documents should be prepared within the specified day:

  1. Title deed of the real estate
  2. The foreign national citizen’s passport and photocopy of passport (Turkish translation may be required.)
  3. “Real Estate Fair Value Document” to be obtained from the municipality where the property is located
  4. Compulsory Earthquake Insurance Policy for buildings such as house and office etc
  5. 1 passport photograph of the seller, 2 passport photographs of the buyer
  6. Sworn translator if the purchaser cannot speak Turkish
  7. If the transfer is done with a power of attorney issued abroad, the original or certified copy of the power of attorney (it must be translated into Turkish.)

Who Can Buy Property in Turkey?

Property in Turkey is one of the most searched titles of the web. As a result of the recent developments in the Middle East, our country hosts many foreign citizens. After the legalization of giving a foreign person who buys property in Turkey which costs at least $ 250.000 or invests at least $ 2 million Turkish citizenship, these people’s demands about being a host in Turkey are increasing every day. Citizens of all nationalities except Yemen North Korea, Armenia, Nigeria, Cuba, and Syria can buy houses in Turkey.

Property for sale in Turkey

According to Article 35, Land Registry Law numbered 2644 citizens of foreign nationality, can buy a property in Turkey provided that they comply with legal restrictions. Foreigners are not required to have a residence permit to purchase real property in Turkey. In the 35th article of the related law, the restrictions imposed on foreigners to buy houses are stated as follows:

"Provided that they comply with legal restrictions, in terms of international bilateral relations and in cases required by the interests of the country, the citizens of the countries designated by the President can buy real property and get in rem rights in Turkey. The total sum of the in rem land rights acquired by a foreign real person does not exceed %10 of the district area which is subject to private ownership and 30 hectares per capita across the country."

How To Get The Turkish Citizenship By Owning A Property in Turkey?

Real estate investment that foreigners who want to become a Turkish citizen should make has been reduced from $ 1 million to $ 250 thousand as of September 19, 2018. Moreover, applicants are granted direct citizenship, not just "residence permit". The process begins with contacting a foreign investment consulting company in Turkey. On average after 45-50 days of submission of the required documents, Turkish Republic identity cards are delivered to the whole family.

According to the data provided by the Ministry of the Interior, more than 250 people from the Middle East applied for Turkish citizenship in this way after the arrangement. This change has attracted nearly $ 100 million in investment in 3 months. In addition, it is stated that approximately 200 people are at the stage of document delivery. Iran and Iraq are the first 2 countries to buy a property in Turkey and these countries are followed by countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, and Algeria.

Property in Turkey

Serving foreigners intending to make them acquire Turkish citizenship, EMR Properties aims to guide you in the most convenient way in this challenging process. Our ALTSO certificied team is 7/24 online to answer all your questions. Visit our web site and find the answers of your questions.

Where To Buy Property in Turkey?

The residential sales to foreigners in Turkey during the 10 months of this year have increased by %23.4 and reached 36197 in total. The main reason for this increase is of course the legitimization of some new laws that regulate the citizenship rights of the foreigners in Turkey.

Last year, the law on granting citizenship in exchange for an investment of 250 thousand dollars passed at the end of September. There was a serious impact on sales during that period. The ease of transportation, the number of historical and natural landmarks, the advantage of the exchange rate to foreigners have all positive effects on the purchase of a property in Istanbul and put Istanbul at the top rate on the list. According to TURKSTAT data, in the 10-month period this year, Istanbul takes the first place with 16322 houses, while Antalya with 7169 houses in the second. Villas in Turkey are also becoming one of the most preferred choices among foreigners.

Buy Property in Turkey

The citizens of the Gulf and the Middle East mostly prefer to buy a property in Antalya. Although the Middle East and the Gulf countries take the first places, the total sum of the Russians, Germans, British, Azerbaijani citizens and Afghanistan is increasing day by day but the demand to get a new property in Antalya from all other important countries in the world is getting increased every year.

The number of foreigners who bought the property in Alanya reached 23145 and the number of properties purchased by these people was 17000. In the same report, the total number of foreigners who bought a property in Turkey is 100623 from 44 countries, and the Germans take the first place among the foreigners who acquire property in Alanya where 4655 Germans acquired 3287 properties, 4266 Danish owners acquired 3235 properties.

Is Buying A Property in Turkey A Good Investment?

Being the owner of a property in Turkey, where the life and construction industry is very much alive, is a very good investment method. In addition, being an attractive tourist center Turkey's real estate prices are relatively inexpensive.

According to TURKSTAT data, house sales to foreigners increased by 32.4 percent compared to the same month of the previous year. We see that the top three cities, which are the favorites of foreigners, are Istanbul, Antalya and Bursa. Istanbul is a very important metropolis that represents the heart of industry and trade in our country. Therefore, as in every year, the interest of both foreign and domestic investors is intense this year. Antalya is one of our most beautiful coastal cities. Standing out in the tourism sector, Antalya continues to be one of the most preferred cities for foreign housing investors. Bursa maintains its rise in housing investment with its economy, urban transformation and transportation projects.

Besides being an attractive country for foreign investors with its congress tourism, Turkey is a strong country with its growing economy, mega real estate industry projects and dynamic sectors to open you the doors of new opportunities, investors it will continue provide added value and increase its value in the future.